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Photography Opportunities in Edmonds Wa

Looking over Edmonds Condos at Point Edwards, All rights reservedEdmonds is one of the most photographed cites in the entire Northwest, probably ranking second only to Seattle. Its diversity offers[%readmore%] a lot of interesting subjects, from the spectacular images of Ferry traffic on Puget Sound, inspiring sunsets that silhouette the Olympic Mountains to the quaint store fronts that seem to transport you back to an earlier time. There are an abundance of subjects to shoot as well as locations and view options plus there are many places where you can set up tripods and not inhibit vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
 LocationsEdmonds Homes, Photo taken from Edmonds Fishing Pier all right reserved by Residentail Marketing Group
Here are some location suggestions that will give you a few places to start from. For Ferry photos, all of the beaches will provide great opportunities as well as anywhere along Sunset Ave. One often missed photo opportunity is from the fishing pier looking back to the bulkheads along the walkways. We have our highest tides of the year in December and June and with just a little wind action the waves crash into the bulkheads and send the waves several stories high. Most folks are watching the ferrys come and go and miss the show. November through January provide some of the best dramatic sunsets you will find anywhere especially if you use exposures to silhouette the mountains. Don’t rely on your camera’s light meter as it will try to average meter the scenes and the sky will get blown out. The same months also provide the clearest skies of the year. The result is that the mountains appear to be incredibly closer than any other time of the year rather than the fifty or sixty miles they are. Other good locations are anywhere in front of old town where the result is a look of a different era. The fountain in the traffic circle is also popular and the light poles that have 5th and Main on them offer an effect almost like a Norman Rockwell painting. The beach at the south end of the water front is where you will often find photographers taking location portraits. If you pay attention to it you may notice that after their client goes home the photographers often stay and take some landscapes for themselves. Other good views are from some of the streets that lead down from 9th Ave and also a little higher on Walnut is good as well.


  1. vinman says:

    Fountains in the traffic circle will immediately give a relaxed feeling to the motorists driving around it. The city management should take care to install water fountains in every traffic circle.