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Edmonds WA Real Estate Market Conditions September 2012

The information in this report is based on non-distressed property in Edmonds Wa priced in the range from $250,000-$550,000

In looking at the available data on recent market activity compared to August of 2011 you might find this of interest. In 2011 the number of sales for August were 13 in 2012 the number sales are 9. What is making the biggest difference in the pressure on pricing is that the number of properties that were for sale in August of 2011 were 57 and in August of 2012 we are down to 18. New listings are down also by almost 35%. What this is causing is a substantial appreciation in the housing prices. It’s not uncommon to see the prices per square foot fluctuate over a two or three month but when you see five months of almost straight-line appreciation I consider that more of a trend. Interest rates are also close to a record low and have been holding steady for quite a while. Because this is election-year I don’t think that there will be any movement in interest rates prior to the elections. Looking forward If this year is consistent with past history the market will slow down after the first week in December and then pick up again toward the end of February of 2013. I hope that this helps if you’re planning on buying or selling in the near future. If you would like to contact me direct I can be reached at

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